Unique Neodymium Ring Magnets

Neodymium rings are one of the more unique jewelry items on the market. These unique ring magnet are made with a material that resembles tiny danglers and they are in fact ring magnet with tiny magnets inside them. Neodymium is a material that is commonly used to build things like magnifying glasses, screwdrivers, and other fine tools and implements. While it is generally soft and malleable metal the way it is crafted by jewelers makes it perfect for crafting these tiny little rings.

Neodymium Ring  Magnets

The Neodymium ring has two sides. One side is the normal metallic finish and the other has a magnetic side. You put the two together like a clasp and they are ready to go. These ring magnet are not as common as many others are because of their low popularity. This is because these rings require two hands to open and close, which can make them a challenge to get in the palm of your hand or a challenge to slip onto your finger. Because of this you will generally find these ring magnet sold at auctions and other venues with high bidding amounts.

While you can find these ring magnet at most jewelry stores or even through online retailers there may be some difficulty finding a matching set if you are looking for a more unique piece. The Neodymium ring comes with two sets of magnets, the regular metallic finishing ring and the magnetic finishing ring. While you can purchase both sets, you will generally have to pay twice the amount for them because they are designed to be a single unit. When you have these rings in your collection, you should always consider purchasing a matching set so that you do not need to go searching for magnets every time you want to wear a ring.

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